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Personalized, Talking stick

Personalized, Talking stick


Talking Stick ... Unique "One of a Kind", Design,

11" stick with your choice of 1-4 images and words


~~ Contact me with with  Questions, design image ideas, etc 
Call or text 609 864-8210


Hand created by me just for you, you may 
Customize your stick with Names, date, Family Name etc..... when ordering messages me
your information 6 words or less and I will add it to you Stick!

Definition of Talking Sticks: What are Talking Sticks? 
Family and Child Communication 
Talking Sticks allow people to present and express their Sacred Point of View.

Talking Sticks has been used for centuries by many Native American tribes as a means of an orderly,
just and impartial hearing. Talking Sticks were most commonly used at major events such as tribal council meetings and Pow-wow gatherings and important ceremonies but their use was also extended to storytelling circles and teaching children. 

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