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memorial necklace, angel  Loss, bereavement,  sympathy, mother gift, birt

memorial necklace, angel Loss, bereavement, sympathy, mother gift, birt


Loss, bereavement, memorial, sympathy, angel, necklace, mother gift, birthstone, gift

~~~~ NOT Mass Produced, but hand created with "LOVE " ~~~~~~

These Special Pieces are "One of a Kind" Custom Designs Created by Me... Delicately Hand Sculpted & Accented with Pink Rose Quarts gemstones and Pink Swarvoski Crystals !

~~~ Choice of Birrthone gem/ crystal or Healing gemstones listed below ~~~~~~~

~~~ Rose Quartz 
“Rose quartz is known as the love stone!”
It Attracts Love, Brings ...deep Inner Healing
Personal Strength , Self Love , Self Trust,
Self worth...It Comforts Grief, Soothes pan, and is considered one of the finest healing stones

Rose quartz is the stone of universal love. It is also the stone of love in marriage. 
"Your marriage can have more sparkle and fire when you wear a rose quartz. "
You will look younger too. as the message it emits is a strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and emotional healing.
This beautiful pink crystal has a powerful energy that resonates within both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra or thymus chakra, the area related to compassion.
This stone will resonate out its love energy into its surroundings to help all those who are nearby, such as your nearest and dearest.

~~~ Amethyst ~ A beautiful Purple Quartz,
A stone of Pure Love!
Wear it for calmness & inner peace
It is a stone of peace, courage, love, and Joy,
as a Talisman, Amethyst brings feelings of Happiness...
The Amethyst energy stones repels negative energy and attracts positive energy.
These beautiful healing crystals are also known for bringing clarity of the mind,
Calmness and Inner Peace. It is one of the most spiritual and protective stones
Amethyst calms the mind and brings serenity. Relieve pain and swelling throughout the
body by calming the nervous system, as well as relief of stress and anxiety.
By wearing or using Amethyst crystals, you can become more in tune with your own feelings
and get to know your inner self on a much deeper level. It is a gemstone which can bring you calmness,
inner peace and is thought to heighten your natural intuition.
Amethyst is the Recovery Stone for Addiction, Sobriety, and Recovery...
It can also protect the wearer against themselves, when "Addiction" is concerned.
It is a gemstone of spiritual protection that will help guide the wearer on their divine spiritual path .
February/Pisces Birthstone! Amethyst crystal will reverberate more strongly with those who fall
under this zodiac sign!

~~~ Clear Quartz
Has a very high vibration. It resonate strongly within the eighth chakra, commonly known as the soul star chakra, and within the higher transpersonal chakras. 
It brings clarity to your communication and will amplify your thoughts and may assist you by stimulating clearer thinking.
It has a strong resonance, which is why it is commonly used by healers as part of crystal healing.
It has a positive effect on all chakras as it protects the aura and expands the human energy field.
It resonates within all of the chakras, but particularly strongly within the higher chakras. 
It is the April birthstone

~~~ Jade
Jade is a protective stone, guarding against accidents and misfortune. Place a piece of jade between two purple candles and let the candles burn for a short while. Then carry the jade with you as a protection amulet.

Jade is also an ancient stone that has historically been used to attract love.
It can be used to bring money into your life. Create a positive attitude towards money and visualize yourself using money creatively and productively while holding the stone in your power hand.
When making an important business decision, use the prosperous energies of jade by holding it while contemplating your course of action. Jade strengthens your mental faculties and assists in clear reasoning.

~~~ Amber
Brings a care free, sunny disposition. Promotes good luck and success. Dissolves oppositions
It is a very powerful healer with the ability to draw out pain, and is also believed to transmute
Negative energies into positive energies.
Amber is a Healing Stone that is used to help Sooth babies with teething pain, it is also
Great for Back problems, it is said to be helpful for backaches and joint issues. Orange Aventurine
is considered a stone of good luck, fortune, and a manifestor of exciting new possibilities. It has been called the "Whisper Stone" since the energy of this stone helps to quiet the critical and judgmental inner voice. Orange Aventurine also calms and stills the mind of inner chatter when preparing for and during meditation.

~~~ Orange Aventurine 
Is great when dealing with issues of self-worth. Use Orange Aventurine to help you to clear blockages between the Sacral and Third-Eye Chakras. Orange Aventurine can be used to enhance personal will by channeling energy through the Sacral Chakra for assimilation. This also helps one to be more discerning in their application of this will, so that one is aligned with the highest vibration.

Many use Orange Aventurine to encourage perseverance. Meditating with Orange Aventurine can amplify and focus energies of creativity, vitality, and determination, thereby finding new ways to overcome challenges in one’s life. Orange Aventurine is a powerful tool for focusing prana (life force) and raising confidence, and can be exceptionally helpful in the workplace.

~~~ Snowflake Obsidian
A stone of purity, providing balance for body, mind and spirit. Snowflake Obsidian helps recognize and release "wrong thinking," removing stressful mental patterns. Snowflake Obsidian promotes clarity and inner centering. With the aid of Snowflake Obsidian, isolation and loneliness become empowering, aiding surrender in meditation and deeper insight. When placed on the sacral chakra, Snowflake Obsidian calms, soothes and puts one in the right frame of mind supporting a attitude of openness when it comes to solutions and opportunity-



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