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Countryside Wooden House
boyfriend gift,girlfriend gift,couples Jewelry,yin yang necklace

boyfriend gift,girlfriend gift,couples Jewelry,yin yang necklace


~~~ “When you fit Perfect Together…. Forever” ~~~
The pieces like you and yours.... Also Fit together Perfectly Together!
Apart they are still Beautiful, Interesting & eye catching ~~~
“Perfect Together Forever”

~~~ A Thoughtful Gift for Someone you LOVE ~~~~~~
~~~ Someone that you Fit Together Perfectly with! ~~~


Delicately Hand Crafted, hand painted with the perfect Accenting
Light & Dark Earthy colors, black or Brown cord chain, real wood beads ...
All together make this "One of a Kind" Design, Beautiful Jewelry Set,
I Custom Designed and Created these Beautiful & Unique
Yin Yang "One of a Kind“ pieces

Created as a Tribute to the LOVE I have for my Newlywed Husband, because
We Fit so Perfectly Together, and He completes ME!

He is the Calm to my Crazy…. The Left side Computer Brain to my Right side Artistic/Eccentric Brain….. But we both Love Nature, Hiking, Music and much more!

Do you know Someone who is the Yin to Your Yang!
“The infinity symbols show Forever Love, Never ending devotion. “


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