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Unique "One of a Kind" Hiking sticks/Walking sticks, custom creations w/ your design Ideas!

Updated: May 13, 2019

I was given a Gift, I feel honored and Blessed to be able to use it to share my love of nature and Art with the world.I have created hiking sticks,walking sticks & canes for many Very Special people all over the country and overseas!

I have made Walking sticks for Three Very Special wounded warriors to help them walk and rehabilitate wounds,

For a Special little girl with an ACL tear in her knee, to help her w/ rehabilitation.

Retirement gifts for Amazing, Scout Troop leaders.

Wedding gifts for wonderful couples.

Wood anniversary gifts for Special wives, and husbands!

Football Team gifts, for the Tampa bay buccaneers to Gift to the Arizona Cardinals at their

gave in Arizona 2018! And much More!!!

"One of a kind" Hand created -

Hikers gift, Hiking Accessories , Anniversary gift idea, Husband gift,Wife gift, Couples gift

Being a LOVER of Nature, a Passion for Trees.... I decided to Create Beautiful Hiking sticks to Celebrate them!

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Thank you to my Wonderful Customers! It is Truly and Honer and a Gift to create Hiking / Walking sticks, that contribute to Happiness and well being!!! I am Thankful to have had the Opportunity to work with All of You!!!

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